last day to book eUpgrades at "old" rate

Discussion in 'Air Canada | Aeroplan' started by The Lev, Feb 28, 2015.

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    Booked an eUpgrade (wait listed of course) yesterday for travel on the 6th and noticed it still only needed 14 eUpgrades to Europe, so this serves as a final gentle reminder to those travelling in the next few days and those who purchase Latitude fares that today is your last chance to use eUpgrades at the 2014 rate before the enhanced rates presumably kick in at midnight. Get them while you can.

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    Fortunately, I am travelling to Asia in the next few days on my world pass which is in D class and I will cross not only 60K on this trip but come close to 80K by the time I return. With a trip to Europe in April in latitude I will easily pass 80k and have over 145 ecerts by then. This cut in ecerts won't affect me until next year when they will probably cut them back again. I assume there will be no ecerts between 100K and 200k for the 2016/17year.
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