Last Barclays ATM at LHR gone :(

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    Hi all,

    While I live in the UK, I have retained my Bank of America account and take advantage of BofA's global partners to obtain € or £ on this side if the Pond. I am sad to report the last Barclays ATM (in T5) at LHR is now this:


    It was still here when I left two weeks ago. All the machines in T5 arrivals are now Travelex machines - the are free for UK banks, but that will do little good for visitors.

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    That's too bad. One of the perks of BofA is definitely the global partners deal. I keep thinking more and more that I should switch to Schwab because of the free ATM usage everywhere and no foreign transaction fee. Or at least move enough money there to cover any travel expenses and cash needs.

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