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    Mastro's Ocean Club

    Couple of weeks ago I had dinner at Mastro's Ocean Club in Vegas. I go to their Costa Mesa, CA location fairly frequently and consider it my favorite steakhouse. The Vegas location is inside the Crystal Mall which is part of City Center. Made my reservation on Opentable (some time slots are 1,000 points). This Mastro's location is unique as one can dine in their Tree House which juts out from the restaurant's second floor and gives diners a view of the mall and its shoppers.

    Having eaten at Mastro's previously and never leaving room for dessert, we decided to forgo the appetizers. We each had the Spicy Mambo salad which is a caesar-type salad but kicked up with horseradish. Quite tasty and definitely can clear your sinuses. There was a bread basket with garlic cheese crisps and sourdough rolls.

    My friends ordered the New York strip and I ordered the ribeye. Steaks came prepared exactly as ordered and served on 400 degree heated plates. Steaks were sizzling when arrived. My ribeye was perfectly done and same quality and taste as their Costa Mesa location. For side dishes we had the lobster mashed potatoes, very creamy mash with bite-size pieces of lobster. We also ordered the sweet potato fries which was a monster sized portion. The three of us barely ate a third of it.

    One of the specials they were serving this day was a Wagyu-kobe ribeye. This was ordered by a table next to us and it was served as 10 inch bone-in a la Flintstone-style.

    For dessert we had their signature dessert, the warm butter cake. This is about a 4 inch round cake that is warmed and then coated with sugar, topped with vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce and decorative pieces of fruit. It is also served with a plate of whipped cream. The dessert was heavenly. Buttery, moist, and sweet with the ice cream providing a nice contrast to the warm cake. The whipped cream added it's velvety taste to the overall combination.

    Overall a very good meal at my favorite steakhouse chain. Service was very good as well. About the only negative was that the tables were pretty well packed together so if the restaurant was full you'd get a pretty crowded feeling unless you happen to have one of the booths. Here are a couple of stock photos of the tree house and the dessert.

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