LaQuinta Returns: 'Silver,' 'Gold,' 'Elite'

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    For recent years, I have used LaQuinta and Hyatt Place for basic-level stays, and Hilton and (particularly) Omni for higher-end.

    Dropped Hyatt last year over "Gold Passport" systems issues regarding points and credits (which I think they may have finally fixed for other guests now with all those mysterious catch-up points Hyatt gave out to members late last year after auditing everybody's accounts).

    But I did keep up the basic stays at LaQuinta, with just barely enough nights (10) in 2011 to requalify once again for "Gold," which is the middle of their three tiers "Silver (basic)," "Gold," and "Elite." Nowhere near enough (25) to get the "Elite" tier, which has a dedicated private customer line, guaranteed availability, automatic upgraded rooms when available, 30% point bonus, etc.

    I had just wanted to make 'Gold' again in 2011 should I perhaps need it for a stay in 2012 (finally requalified 12/20), but really had planned to migrate toward higher end Hilton and Omni more for this year, and de-emphasize LaQuinta.

    Well, this morning I log onto to check my point balance, and find without explanation that I have been upgraded to top level "Elite." I assume I'm going to get a snail-mail letter with my new card that tells me because I have requalified for "Gold" so many years they're giving me a one-year bonus, or maybe they've enrolled me in a short-term challenge plan of some kind.

    So now I have to decide if I want to drop my plans to de-emphasize LaQuinta and instead move more business *to* them. Shows what an addict I can be! I had planned to go cold turkey, they give me a quick fix and I am suddenly wondering about buying even more! Smart marketing on their part, I suppose :)
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    Congrats! There is a reason that hotel programs are called "loyalty" programs. :)
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    If the room upgrades are decent and consistent that seems to be the way to go. I also like that they give Golds two upgrade certs per year. Many other Gold level programs do not include room upgrades of any kind.
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    when my clients aren't paying for it, I'm usually staying at LQ.... I guess I'm just a "waffle in the mornin' " kinda guy...
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    Welcome to MP, pyelder ! I like bacon with my waffles ;).
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