Language Barrier? You Can Surmount It!

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    Confronting problems abroad? It helps if you parla italiano or another language.

    By Christopher Elliott, Published: February 6

    When Air Dolomiti canceled Stefano Alberti’s recent flight from Florence to Munich because one of its planes broke down, he potentially faced what to many American travelers would be a tall obstacle: a language barrier.

    The regional carrier, a subsidiary of the German airline Lufthansa, offered to cover his family’s lodging and meal expenses and re-booked him on a flight back to the States the next day. But under European law, Alberti, who works for an analytics firm in San Francisco, was entitled to 2,400 euros (about $3,245) in compensation, and negotiating with Air Dolomiti might have been tedious, unless he spoke fluent Italian...

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    This article provides an interesting story about how being fluent in a second language can help you in a big way if you're overseas and have difficulties while travelling. The author also provides some suggestions about what to do if you don't have such a capability, but are in need of it, such as through a skilled travel agent, listed by language on or a service such as VerbalizeIt at Of course, there's always Google Translate, or studying that important second language by using Rosetta Stone
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    Or just carry the EC directive as a pdf in your smartphone or ipad :)
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