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Discussion in 'LAN | LANPASS' started by PointOfTraveling, Sep 25, 2012.

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    I was looking at the LAN calculator and was surprised when I saw a SFO-LIM for 48k.
    This got me interested in potentially transferring some points into the program from other sources but now when I actually search (just signed up) the R/T (Non-Peak) are 42k and 45k for a total of 87k and other flights are different.

    I am confused? How does there award chart work?
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    LAN has awards at different levels. The level u are talking about is their lowest. U can actually get a business class for 100 k km from sfo to Brasil. U can transfer 40k SPF that convert to 100l km on LAN. It's a deal of the century of I get get flights at that level.

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