Lament for an airport YXD

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    I suppose some of us will forever believe shutting down the "Muni" to scheduled airline service was a big mistake. Others will claim it meant YEG would become a better airport for the city and region. I just recall those many early morning cab rides from my place overlooking the North Saskatchewan River down into the valley and over to the Leg, then up 109th to the Kingsway and a left to the airport...often in less than 10-minutes when the lights were with us! Or the landings that skimmed the Leg or followed the river upstream then curved over the east end of the city to approach for a landing. Wasn't as precarious as the HKG approach pattern, but almost as scenic!
  2. I agree that for short commuter runs it was a good location. But Edmonton has developed a very good road system and the International is not such a burden anymore at least from most parts of Edmonton. The new airport is a very nice facility although I know some local "character" who will pipe up some negative comment.;)
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    The only time YEG has a negative vibe is when the Oakvillain is in town.

    I grew up under the YXD flight path for the old PWA Airbus and don't miss it in the slightest. I now live 15 minutes from YEG in the Twin Brooks community.

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