L.A. Bound? What to Pack for Winter

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  1. Layers, layers, layers! It’s all about layering in Los Angeles because the sun’ll come out in the morning, brunch-time calls for slight showers, evening welcomes afternoon heat, and night calls forth a frigid breeze. Who says L.A. doesn’t have seasons, when we experience four seasons in 24 hours!
    Do not, and I repeat, do not leave your winter coat at home. Travelers are always surprised by how far the temperature drops when the sun goes down, so remember to pack a sweater, some long sleeve tops, boots, and warm socks.
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    Restaurants, clubs, and bars often provide heaters on the patios, so you can enjoy your meal or drinks outside. Winter wardrobe necessities include: small umbrella, galoshes, and rain slicker. Preferably in bright, stylish colors! Yes, we are the land where our mini skirts or shorts are paired with Ugg boots, topped with a tank top and knitted scarf.
    What about beach attire, you say? Most definitely pack your bikini and SPF 30 sunscreen, because the sun is almost always shining, but be prepared for the chilly waters of the Pacific if you’re brave enough to dive in for a second or two. Sunglasses are a must, and accessorizing your outfit with a hat is so very L.A. Welcome to Hollywood!

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    I think the most frigid breeze I ever felt in LA was around 45 during the night. Now in Seattle I'm lucky if it's 45 during the day. Pack T-shirts if you're from anywhere outside the Southwest.

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