Kyoto Four Seasons Crazy Prices

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    That's indeed very expensive, but I guess they can charge such amounts, why? It's a new hotel, it's highly anticipated and the "market" out there might pay such overnight rates.

    When the hotel is more established and many guests have stayed there who don't mind / or can afford very high overnight rates we might see the first "specials" appear in the future and some "rate adjustments" might happen. It all depends, Kyoto is a high barrier entry market for hotels in general and overall there aren't many super luxury hotels available at this location and the competition can be equally very expensive and the demand seems to be still there, all these factors should be taken into account when looking up hotels in Kyoto at the very top end of the market.

    Thanks for posting the overnight rates here on IF, it's interesting to know and yes, it's very expensive, but there seems to be a market for this hotel and they can charge such rates, plus Four Seasons is a luxury hotel chain and high rates are to be expected, especially coupled with this particular location. Cheers & Safe Travels. :)

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