Kudos to JetBlue customer service

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    I find it so uplifting to find an airline that is actually willing to help out a passenger with a problem. My sister and her husband were booked on a JetBlue non-refundable fare to the Caribbean that they booked a couple weeks ago for a flight leaving in 2 weeks. About 6 days after booking the flight, she was diagnosed with brain lesions that would require radiation treatments that would have to be completed during the time that they were scheduled to fly. Her doctor said that she could leave soon after completing the treatment, which would be a week after the scheduled departure. I found them a flight leaving exactly one week later, and booked it for them. They were charged $150 per person change fee, plus about $70 more per ticket. I called customer service to see if anything could be done to waive the change fee. After giving them the name of the doctor and the hospital, the manager said that not only would they waive the change fee, but also the difference in the fare. They credited $432 back to their card. I think this was the right thing to do, and I wanted to spread the word about JetBlue.
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    Good for JetBlue!

    Happily, they're not alone in being kind about this sort of situation: United will also waive all but $50 of a change fee (but not fare difference) in similar circumstances, and it is a published policy:

    If the condition prevents travel for the remaining ticket validity, they'll refund it (less $50). Otherwise, they ask you to reuse the value, they collect the full change fee when you rebook, and then they refund all but $50 of the change fee. All-in-all, it's somewhat convoluted, but it works.
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    Great from JetBlue, as always!
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    Sorry to hear about the medical situation, and kudos to JetBlue.

    But I thought this type of free-cancellation-on-medial-situation is some common thing? At least it was common (but might be unpublished) in China. I had onced booked United PEK-SFO roundtrip for business travel, but caught fever the night before travelling, so I cancelled it the next morning (calling the US custom service number as the Chinese custom service is not at business hour yet), and later mailed my doctor's record to UA Beijing office to get full refund.
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