KLM op-up? Bumping possible?

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  1. Excuse my complete ignorance. I'm flying ATL-AMS-MAD on one of the Delta mistake fares on a KLM operated flight. I checked in this morning and found out I was in 6B on the AMS-MAD segment DL 9608/KLM 1705 on March 12 , which as best I can tell is a Europe Select seat (which I know is not anything to write home about, but I've never traveled in anything but Y and have no status on Delta!)
    Two major questions:
    1. Any chance of being able to bump myself? I don't have Expert Flyer or KVS so don't know if the flight is oversold. If so, how does VDB compensation work in the EU and any hints on how I should go about getting on the list (only done VDB on US domestic flights)
    2. Do I have lounge access at AMS? I don't see anything on my Delta provided boarding pass indicating the seat is European Select.

    Thanks so much!
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    Hi Sarah,

    Europe Select has been renamed to European Business class, but I digress.

    Unlike First in the US, business class on European flights does not have different seats, and the airline can move the curtain to shrink/expand the section. As such, you may find yourself just behind the curtain. So no, unless something changes before your flight, no lounge access.

    For the bumping, if the airline looks for volunteers, you can get something, but typically, even for an IBD, if they can get you to arrive with less than 2 hours delay for such a short flight, you won't get much beyond a meal voucher. I'll take a look at the actual flight to see if they are still selling seats ...

    Edit: looking at availability, there still is plenty of room on that flight, so don't count on a bump opportunity.



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