Kiva loans really do change people's lives, and here are some stories from borrowers to show this

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    Our Milepoint team has made over 100,000 loans, but we very rarely get to hear how our loans really impact the borrowers. Sometimes Kiva staff file reports about the impact of loans on borrowers they've met. Those are great, but they are not the same as hearing directly from the borrowers themselves.

    On Kiva Zip direct communication is possible and dozens of messages are shared every day. I have made 220 Kiva Zip loans and have communicated with many of these borrowers. Today I compiled a few dozen quotes from my borrowers which show the impact these loans have had on their lives, businesses, families, communities and more. I invite you to also read how grateful they are for these loans. We have touched their lives. Now let them touch your heart by reading some of their stories:

    (Note: most of these quotes are from Kenyan borrowers, plus a few from the U.S. I have edited slightly when there were clear misspellings as for many of these people English is a second or third language)

    Stories from Kiva Zip borrowers​

    Hey guys i hope you all doing Well. I Want to take this opportunity to thank all of You for the Money You’ve lend me. so far my business is doing well and i can manage to Pay my child school fee Without problem like before.
    Emmanuel, Zip Borrower

    First am still very thankful to my lenders. my farming business has been
    doing well and i have a lot of progress since i got the loan from
    my kiva lenders , this makes me happy because without any working
    capital in any business you can’t make steps . But in my case,
    i have been doing well because of the loan i got from my kiva lenders .

    The loan i got from my lenders has helped me very much to progress such
    that i can produce food to my surrounding community & some schools i our
    area , they are very happy with my farming because it helps them get food just
    within the location without walking a long distance.

    Hi guys. am very happy to deliver this good news to you. since i took a loan of ksh.10,000, my business and my life has changed so much. my business has been doing very well, the stock i now have is twice what i had before, and even my income has grown to almost double. i have alot to say, but let me simply say that the loan brought a very positive impact in my life. LET ME THANK ALL THAT CONTRIBUTED to this SUCCESS. thank you so much, may God bless you.

    I convey my thanks for lending me 25 dollars within a short span of time. you came as angels for me and i will always pray for your happiness. your names is included in the list of my prayers. i am highly obliged for lending me money in time of need. May the almighty God bless u all! Yours truly,
    Nashon !

    I thank God for kiva program, it has really transformed my life. thanks

    To my lenders. Hi, glad to let you know that out of 140pcs Africa maps puzzle I intend to produce i have managed to produce 68pcs and have sold them and i'm still processing the rest. In fact the loan have helped the business to grow. thanks.

    Thank you for your contribution be blessed abundantly
    Thank you for the loan it has boosted my biz from one level to another

    Last month the business went well because I went for stock more than 5 times and selling all and getting a good profit.

    Dear lenders, i really appreciate for your support. The business is improving! There is an increase in sales and am planning to employ one employee. God bless you.

    hello kiva zip i want to thank you on what you have done in my life, though it’s not easy but i have managed to catch up, i also thank those who just decided to take their money and give out to help those who were in a very deep ditch like me to be lifted up, be blessed

    Hi, thanks to all my lenders who has made my business grow. Your money helped me a lot and up to this point, I have make a big step. Thank you need and God bless you so much

    Thank you so much everybody for making my loan happen! If you wondered where I'd vanished to since the loan was complete let me give you a brief update.
    First it took me a while to get used to it. The money was in my bank in the blink of an eye and I paid my security deposit on the lease, ordered my door sign and business cards, designed my postcards, planned my grand opening and first Community PAUSE event. My website is up and running and I learned how to have it accept credit card payments too.
    Today I got the keys to the space, the utilities are in my name, the movers come on Tuesday, and my friend bought me the paint! The art hanging system has been researched. And shows and events have been planned well into the spring of 2014! Everyone is so eager to be part of this—they tell me they need a chance to PAUSE!
    Needless to say, none of this would have been so thrilling if it wasn't for all your support, encouragement, and helpful advice. So thank you again.

    Am very grateful to Kiva & all the lenders who not only entrusted me with their money, but also had the best of will for me. In July, the net income significantly increased that i was able increase my salary and still remain with reasonable amount to reinvest. I am really impressed. Thanx a lot

    It’s so amazing to find friendship and connect with people who believe in your business even without physical meeting. Thumbs up our lenders, you truly make a difference. Thank you so much. you are among the best.
    Peninah, trustee
    for the past month i have seen an improvement in business. i have more customer than before. i am happy. thanks a lot kiva and to all my lenders may God bless you all.

    I just want to thank all of you for contributing towards my loan. Wao! Its really wonderful to see the loan being funded in just one day. This clearly shows the trust and confidence the lenders have in me and how they would like to see me succeed in life. Thanks once again to all of you for your kindness I'll do my best to achieve my goals Great!

    I thank GOD for giving me a new friend from far away who is willing to help me. That loan will help me very much in preparing my garden and buying fertilizers. Thanks.
    The botanic treasers ltd. Mr. Bob Mr Torry Mr Trevor. Thank you for the Loan you have lent me, in the month of May 2013 being sh.10,000. It helped me and my family by increasing the yield in my farm, that I harvested more than I expected. Thank you all and be blessed by Our Creator & Almighty GOD. Yours .

    To my lenders, I am so grateful for supporting my project. I have managed to finish my poultry house and now I have increased the number of chicken to 100 broilers from 30. In three months period I expect to raise the weekly egg supply by around 300 per week. I believe that in the near future I will also be able to help some in need as you did to me. God bless you and thank you for all your help.

    Everybody thank you for helping us reach our goal. And Ellen thank you for your kind words. Its only been a matter of weeks and look where we are now. We've started this journey of ours for some time and along the way met obstacles but that hasn't deterred us away. With the funds we're receiving now we feel that this will provide us much relief and help us carry onward in our journey. Again, we'd like to thank everybody and Kiva for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

    Thank you all my lenders for your support. We have made very remarkable steps with our fishing business. I can now financially sustain my family.
    We are planning to expand this business to offer employment opportunity to four youths in the community. Either Michael or I will manage this already established one together with two youths and then start a new set with two other youths from repeat loan. Thank you and hope you will support us again as we plan to grow to the next level.
    Michael and Robinson

    Hi everyone,
    I wanted to give you a quick update on Lydali! We're now working with over 50 artisan suppliers in 27 different countries, and we're bringing new products in all the time. One of my favorite stories is from one of our partners in Cambodia. Home-based artisans make take bullet casings and bombshells that they find littering the countryside leftover from years of civil war, melt them down, and make really cool bracelets and bangles with the brass from the bullets and bombshells. Thanks so much for your support!

    Hi kiva I appreciate for your loans which has been of great help to my business. I was able to buy more baking tins, weighing scale, and improved my living standards. I have faced many challenges towards my business due to the weather and my husband’s sickness. But in all, God has given me the strength.

    Hullo thank you for acknowledging receipt of the loan repayment money. For the last one month I have made progress. The most exciting thing is patients from far community have come for services they got information from friends who have visited us for care or help. Challenges patients have come asking for the services we have not started providing -- immunizations ante natal care some lab tests.

    Dear Bob I'm very grateful for playing a very vital role of boosting my solar and energy business. God bless you abundantly.

    I want to thank you once again BOB, ALI, ANDERS, NICOLE and PIERRE for your support. My business is picking and i hope in ALMIGHTY FATHER it will advance. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND THE WORK OF YOUR HANDS. AMEN.

    Dear my lenders, Receive much greetings. I’m grateful for your assistance. my business is doing very well. I can now buy decent meals for my family. God bless you

    Good news, through kiva loan, my stock has variety of products that has attracted many people. some customers have even hinted to me what i should add again in my business, though that was part of my future plan. they are very positive about my business as they see it expand. thanks a lot.
    Beatrice, Zip Borrower

    ever since kiva came to my life, my business has change drastically, i never had imported soles, but now i have them. the only challenge that i have is to turn my shop into a one stop shop, God willing i know kiva will turn it

    Hello Alessandro, Greg, Jim, Evan and Bob,
    I want to thank you for your help as I have been able to reach a couple of groups in the rural areas. They are really happy as Moringa is helping them health wise. Many have reported good, energetic health and are able to work well in their farms and also do many things they had stopped doing due to ill health.
    I am still reaching out to more groups and am able to do this because of you. I appreciate.

    Hello Allesandro, Greg, Jim, Evan and Bob,
    Want to thank you again for the assistance you provided. My clients will never be the same because of you.
    I am still visiting the rural areas with the hope of reaching more people. I have attached a photo for the latest visit I had in one of the remote area, i pitched a small tent in a field and they came to listen, this way they are able to spread the word. From the few whom I meet, we liaise and at a later date are able to organize for a seminar like setting thus enabling me to teach on good nutritional habits for longer life full of energy. I must say they are really appreciative of the services am offering as I do not charge them being that they are well able.
    God bless

    The last one month has been the best of my life as I have helped transform the lives of 50 farmers in organic farming! Due to training them on how to compost and make pest repellants using effective microorganisms, they have been able to save on fertilizer and pesticides thus increasing their income due to low cost of production and increased yields! All these could not have been possible if it were not for my sponsors. God bless you so much!

    Thanks to the loan from KIVA we have been selling tamales and fresh juices at the Hollywood Farmers Market in Portland, Oregon. Thanks to your support we have earned enough money to pay back the loan and purchase new equipment for our business such as a banner, business cards and a new tamale pot. Thanks again for your support and if you are in Portland please come and visit us at the market!
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    Thank you for posting this. Haven't had a smile in my face since 4am when I saw rehoults post but this brought it back :)
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    Here is another great quote I received today:

    "I am quite grateful to bob, gail, andy, hans and trevor. Becuase of this guys have improved my attitude towards the biz and rubbed impossibility from my dictionary."

    I love that he said how our loan has helped him rub "impossible" from his dictionary. Another example of how our loans are providing much more than $$ to these borrowers. We are also providing inspiration! :)
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    I am a big fan of peer to peer lending such as Kiva Zip and Zidisha. Zip is mostly US based borrowers, Zidisha Africa and Indonesia.

    The personal contact adds a whole other dimension to micro lending. With Kiva -- as contrasted to Kiva Zip and Zidisha -- you are funding large institutional lenders, not borrowers in need. By the time all the fees are added, the borrowers repayment burden increases substantially.

    Let's keep sharing stories.Through Zip we can make a difference.I helped fund Ethel ( Ethel has a dog wash and wanted to add grooming. We helped her do that. Ethel posted

    Thank you for thinking of me. I have been sharing, (With anyone who will listen.Smile) about my awesome experience with KIVA ZIP.I am often overwhelmed at the thought that total strangers have contributed to the manifestation of my vision. I am sooo blessed and thankful. I am indeed working hard to transition the new full groom services software, record keeping, equipment, etc. I also rescued a dog, her name is JOY. I will attach pictures before and after I groomed her, using my new skills... Thanks to you again Cherie and all the KIVA lenders.​

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    It is also wonderful to enter into dialogue with borrowers. I enjoy hearing their stories, and there is something extra special about:
    * their sending their thanks to me personally
    * letting them know that I care about them personally and their doing the same for me
    * exchanging prayers and good wishes for each other
    * lending to them a second time when they get a new loan (happens a lot on Zip because virtually all of the first-time Kenyan borrowers are short-term - 12 weeks or less)
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    I am on the Kiva Zip team, and was delighted to read all of your comments! We love meeting and corresponding with lenders who are so passionate about Kiva Zip. Miles and Smiles, I manage Zip Communications (our blog and some of our other assets). I was wondering if you and/or any of your fellow correspondents might be interested in writing a short blog post on Kiva Zip's blog. We'd love to share how you feel about Kiva Zip and what keeps you coming back time and time again with our community. Would you and anyone else who is interested in sharing his/her story mind emailing me at Note please replace the "at" with the "@" symbol if/when you email- - apparently I can't include my email address in its correct form here). I would love to hear from you!

    Thanks again for sharing!!

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    Welcome. We hope to see more of you here. This is an enthusiastic bunch and have the capacity to greatly expand ZIP lending.

    BTW I had no issue with leaving an email address -- example But just because you can do it doesn't mean you should. The Spambots might get you. The way you did it is best but still not 100% Spambot safe. name++domain com/org/etc is safer where ++=@ and the space is there before the org. Also many say dot for the .

    Anyhow, thanks for stopping by. Don't be a stranger -- you cannot be stranger than us anyway.


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