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    Mr. & Mrs. KyRoamer look forward to meeting many of our online Kiva friends at the do. I am an attorney in a 250 person law firm with offices in Kentucky and Indiana. I work with businesses experiencing financial distress and represent both debtors and creditors in chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. My friends call me Mike or Michael or .... (let's not go there). Phyllis, my wife of 46 years, is a PR manager working for both our local Jewish Hospital and the Jewish Community of Louisville. We both enjoy travel. Computers have been my hobby since the Apple II was introduced. And we are University of Louisville basketball fans and if I do not get a move on it she is going to be mad at me since we have a pre-game dinner NOW.

    Update: University of Louisville beat Pittsburgh last night and my wife, who despite being from Philadelphia is a U of L graduate, is relieved. The team has had a rough go the past few games, but may be getting things together. I did not mention to her that pitt has lost its last eight games and all of its Big East conference games. Knowing what not to mention is one of the secrets to a long marriage.

    Anyhow, a bit more about me. I grew up in Louisville, admired Albert Einstein and my mother's father, an automotive engineer, and in 1959 headed off to Purdue to be an engineer. That lasted a semester (engineering drawing did me in) and I spent the next semester looking for a good business school. I was one of four successful transfer applicants accepted at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and graduated in 1963 with a degree in Finance and Economics. I decided to go to law school next. After much study, I decided that Boston had the best seafood so I enrolled at Harvard and was on my way.

    After I graduated I went with a 10 person firm in Louisville, Ky working for the head of the litigation department (he and me!!!), I soon started representing banks doing commercial lending, as closing fell due to a bad economy I moved from closing to foreclosing. Then in 1984 a major client bought a business for his son which collapsed and I took on my first bankruptcy, one with close to $100 million in debt!!! Not a bad place to start (if being scared to death for several years is your thing). I have continued working with troubled businesses and major bankruptcies ever since.

    In 1969 I became the law firm's risk manager, a position that morphed into administrative partner, loss prevention partner and firm general counsel as the firm went from 10 to 180 back to 130 attorneys. I turned the position over to another partner two years ago and since then by way of a merger the firm doubled in size.

    Recently I have been involved with a couple of excellent turnabout management firms and worked with businesses in the finance, publishing, radio, coal mining and engineering tool businesses, among others. For fun, I travel and rely on you pros to show me the way. Thanks to credit cards and business travel I have amassed enough points and miles to go overseas in business class several times (talk about a spoiler) and to fly first class to the Do and stay while there on points.

    I am excited and look forward to meeting you all. Phyllis may be looking for a shopping buddy so don't say I did not warn you.
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    So I'm 35, looking for an assertive woma.....crap.

    I live in DC, where I've been for 2 years working for Satan, I mean a large defense contracting firm. I do a lot of work with Amtrak, which I enjoy as it's transportation related. I was born and raised in New York City, graduated college and became a cop with the NYPD. Did that for 5 years, through 2004, and then moved to MA for a girl, who I'm no longer with. Unlike Mr. and Mrs. KyRoamer, I have had difficulty securing a relationship longer than 2.5 years. Congrats though. That's amazing. I work in emergency management and homeland security planning and response.

    I like horrible SyFy movies, my most recent watch was Haunted Prison. I'm a sucker for being a Mets and Jets fan, and I believe that no matter where you are or when you ate, that if you're traveling in the South and see BBQ being served out of a school bus, you have to stop and eat. Period.
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    Thanks for doing this KyRoamer,

    I live in Rio de Janeiro, was born in the Los Angeles area and ended out naturalizing as a Brazilian to be closer to my spouse's family. In our almost 35 years of marriage and my career before that I've lived in more than a dozen countries from the idyllic (France) to the inconceivable (Yemen). We've lived in all the continents other than Antarctica and Australia if those both count. I have had careers as a clergyman, epidemiologist, psychologist, HR exec, international banker (wholesale, retail, institutional, micro-lending, credit card and more), owner of a flight school and charter airline (that happened when my flying habit (airplanes, helicopters, gliders, hot air balloons) got wildly out of hand, money manager and consultant. I ended out with too many degrees because i could nto figure out what to do when I grew up. I still do not know. We have been incredibly lucky and have made a fair number of good financial bets. Now that we no longer have airplanes, helicopters, boats, island, multiple houses, etc most of our excess money is now going to charity, but I do still do consulting and manage investments for a few private clients.

    Nothing gives me much more pleasure than does Kiva and MilePoint, apart from my family.
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