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Discussion in 'Newbies' started by srileshr, Feb 27, 2012.

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    The global recession has now hit the Indian aviation sector and the best airline that you could fly in India is in a very bad shape and so is there earning Programs. Hope Kingfisher is able to come out of this mess. It is more of the government to blame for this issues with the fees and the taxes on everything being the highest in the world. And also the policy of foreign Direct Investment changes needs to come in if India needs to even think of a developing county.
  2. I agree with u. kingfisher is the best airline to fly in India. King club program is one of the best accredited programs in the world. I am sure they r going to come out of the crisis soon. No airline in India is running well. Every body says Indigo is running in profits, but i can challenge anyone that the profit is not an operational profit i.e. profit earned from day to day sales of tickets. It is not a Listed Company. So they Don't show their balance sheet. They simply say we r running in profits. No body does the audit. The profit they r earning is from buy and lease back of their aircrafts. So the government policies such as high tax on ATF, heavy service taxes from sate Govts, Monoply shown by Pvt airport operators by increasing taxes is hitting the industry badly. So the Govt should come out with a good Aviation Policy.

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