Kimpton - Hotel Vintage Park & Monaco - Seattle WA

Discussion in 'Other Hotel Programs' started by sealiz, May 30, 2011.

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    One word for these properties - AMAZING. Kimpton's customer service continues to just astound me in so many ways. They have won my business due to the staff at these two properties. These properties aren't for everybody - they are not modern (I happen to like cozy) but the staff and service is truly extraordinary. Saying that I am impressed is an understatement. It is so refreshing to stay at a property where there isn't any "hassle factor" when checking in, where it is obvious that they truly care about their customers. Here is an example: On my profile it asks what I like to drink the best. I answered Honest Tea. In both properties 3 bottles are awaiting me of Honest Tea! That may seem like a "small" thing to many of you but to me it is just indicative of the care that the staff at these properties takes. Wow - I wish that more and more hotels operated like Kimpton.
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    I am really glad to hear this. I have an upcoming stay at the Vintage Park and customer service means a lot these days. When you describe the property as not modern, what does that mean to you? I don't need sleek minimalist, but in all the Kimpton's I have stayed in, I expect (and receive) modern amenities and conveniences.

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