Keeping ExecPlat benefits, posting to CX or BA

Discussion in 'American Airlines | AAdvantage' started by Canadi>n, Jun 18, 2014.

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    Has anyone experience with posting AA flights to another OW account but keeping flight benefits like ExecPlat comp upgrades? I will pass 100K EQMs in November and still have some AA flights through the end of the year that I'd like to put into my CX account to re-qualify for MPCGold (special Amex offer: 30K EQMs by May 2015 to re-qualify instead of 60K). Assuming my upgrades clear prior to flight, can I remove my AA account number and replacing it with my CX one without losing the upgrade?

    Used to be able to do this on AC and credit elite upgraded flights to my UA/MP account, but they've "fixed" their system so one loses the elite upgrade if not posting to AC/AE.
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    You should be able to. Have them change it in the Admirals Club after you've checked in for your flight and prior to boarding, assuming your upgrade has cleared.

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