Keeping Cleveland a United Airlines hub two years after the merger

Discussion in 'United Airlines | MileagePlus' started by sobore, Oct 1, 2012.

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    United Airlines' promise to stay in Cleveland expires today, but that doesn't mean anything will change.
    Two years ago, after merging with Continental Airlines, United Continental Holdings Inc. signed an agreement to keep its huband 90 percent of its flights at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

    After two years, the world's largest airline was free to change its mind about keeping Cleveland as its 10th service hub.

    But from all accounts, nobody expects anything like that to happen today - or in the near future.
    "United is proud to call Cleveland a hub and serve the city's business and leisure travelers," said United spokesman Joe Micucci in Chicago.

    "We continue our partnership with local business and community leaders to provide viable and sustainable air service for Cleveland."

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    My favorite Cleveland video says it all
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    If you can start somewhere other than CLE, then it is a deal. However, if you fly out of CLE, then it is anything but :mad:.

    I have already had to explain to clients that the cheapest weekday1 day flights from CLE to SFO or PHX run close to or above 4 digits without a Sat. night stay. I imagine UA is very happy with the current situation at CLE.
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    I love connecting in CLE, however it is almost always MUCH more expensive than either ORD or IAH as a connection hub (I don't connect in EWR anymore).
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    I agree.
    I fly coast to coast a couple of times a month, and during the summer and fall, I prefer connecting in CLE instead of IAH (due to the storm season), but due to the cost difference and limited number of flight options listed when booking online, so far this year, all of my flights have been through DEN or ORD.
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    AA does the same thing out of DFW. They sort of compete with WN if they have to, but WN isn't the bargain it once was.

    I watched for decades as AA would hold us (DFW-origin passengers) hostage, then a competitor would come in. AA would match them, and the Aadvantage program was Checkmate. The competitors ALWAYS went away, and fast.

    It wouldn't have been as bad if the service was good, but I wasn't alone as a DFW passenger who did not like AA. Delta was much more customer friendly back in their days of using DFW as a hublet, but then they went away. From what I read on this board, they have lowered their standards to the low common denominator.

    Northwest did the same thing in Memphis for many years, too. Delta has now virtually shut that place down. Family there tells me it's hard to get anywhere now. I don't see them often because it costs so darned much to get there.

    I don't know how Memphis or Cleveland can work as hubs for any airline. The population in each are just too small. Maybe the fees make them attractive for connections vs. other regional options. I don't know enough about it to make an educated judgment. DFW, on the other hand, needs another major carrier. I guess WN qualifies, but their failure to connect with other carriers and their insistence on staying firmly in place at DAL don't equal the competition that such a large urban area could realistically support.

    AA's bankruptcy, aging fleet, poor customer service and union shenanigans vs WN's unique business model with no assigned seating, no F and Wright Amendment limitations (until recently) never gave me a sense of choice. I lived there all but 3 years of my life until 2007. I almost cried when DL pulled out.

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