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    Okay, relatively new to this whole game. Anyway, booking a family trip around the end of July. From SFO to Montreal via Dallas on AA. Some of it using BA miles (MileSAAver only) and some using AA miles. Anyway, there are three of us. First Class from SFO to DFW, then Business Class from DFW to YUL. I have all of it booked except for one additional seat from DFW to YUL.

    Its been at least a couple of months now and I'm still not finding any award availability on that leg, There are 16 seats in Business (no First), and I've got two aisles. All the other seats are showing unassigned so far, as they have every week or two that I check again.

    I can book the seat now at the 50K/AAnytime level or keep waiting for it to become available at the 25K/MileSAAver level. If so, until when? Any guarantee that American will ever open up more than the two seats I already grabbed? Wait until some of the other seats start to go?

    Just looking for advice. I can afford to pay the miles but of course I'd rather save 25K miles if I can.
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    No guarantee that any more award seats ever show up. The AAnytime awards have access to the last seat inventory so unless all the other seats sell out you can always buy that later. I'd keep an eye on that flight and hope that the saver level opens up (and probably use one of the many alert services available to help) but also be prepared to buy the AAnytime award at some point if the plane starts to fill.
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