Kajitsu - Two Michelin Stars, East Village

Discussion in 'New York Area' started by gradientdescent, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Two Michelin stars at a vegetarian restaurant with a limited wine list: the Shojin cuisine here is impressive enough that, despite their anything-but-French inspired approach, they're still getting accolades from the top critics.

    Our seasonal 8-course December tasting menu included very, very delicate flavors that often required careful attention to appreciate. They will not overwhelm you with spice or seasoning, but the quality of ingredients and artistry of the arrangements is truly impressive.

    I wouldn't say this is my favorite two-star restaurant, but it's certainly a unique experience. If you enjoy Coi in San Francisco, you may enjoy this one.


    414 East 9th Street
    New York, NY 10009
    (212) 228-4873

  2. I've really enjoyed Kajitsu the two times I've been there--next time I'd like to sit at the counter so I can watch some of the preparation, as the dishes look seriously labor-intensive.

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