Kaefer Bistro @ Terminal 2, Munich Airport, MUC, Germany [ Short Review ]

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    September 2014, drinks and dessert, between flights

    I have been introduced to Kaefer thanks to my fiancé many, many years ago when we still lived in Germany. We are both fans and go to Kaefer whenever possible on our travels.

    While we were waiting for our flight from Munich International Airport to Dubai International Airport we felt a bit peckish and made a stop at Kaefer's Bistro at Terminal 2.

    The design is French bistro style with a few Bavarian touches. This time around the Oktoberfest was near, so ginger bread heart decorations reminded patrons about it.

    The restaurant was full and we nearly didn't find a table.

    We received our menus after waiting a bit. The Rhubarb Schorle caught our eyes, so we had two of those and a Frozen Caramel dessert to share, plus we had a hot chocolate each, served in a Kaefer "hafferl" mug.

    The schorle was very good and the dessert interesting. It was like Crème Caramel, but frozen and delicious and creative.

    Even if the staff was extremely busy, they were very friendly and always there when needed.

    Our bill came in at 22.10 Euro (ca. 28.60 USD).

    We will return to this outlet, if we are at Munich International Airport Terminal 2 again in the future.

    Would we recommend this restaurant to a friend? YES!
    Would we consider again a lunch / snack / dinner at this restaurant? YES!

    Thank you and safe travels. :)
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