Just a funny YMMV story

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    So my wife had applied for like 7-8 cards this year, however, only 2 of them were Chase so I figured why not go for the BA card-We need some avios....

    So she applies and gets rejected (expected)

    She calls recon and still no.

    Next day, she calls again and an adamant no. 'Miss, you have just opened up too many cards in 2012...Yes even if you close card X, we can't approve you'.

    Two days ago, we got all 3 rejection letters but two of them had like 4 reasons and 1 had only 2-so I left that by the night stand and had my wife call one more time....

    25 minutes later...Approved for $6,000 limit by closing United card with $1000....Go figure :)
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    That is awesome!

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