Juicing makes a splash at hotels

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    Juice -- a basic staple of any hotel stay, right? Out on the breakfast buffet, with OJ leading the way and perhaps a choice of grapefruit, apple or tomato for the daring few who may feel like deviating from the mainstream.

    Well, think again. Juice -- freshly-squeezed from an arcane assortment of veggies as well as fruit, and in more combinations than you can imagine, has become a unique selling point at several hotels this year. These are places that believe juice is not just for breakfast, but at the center of wellness or detox programs they say jaded travelers are crying out for.

    "Business as well as leisure guests are buying big into our juice offerings," says Mina Gough, spa director of The Standard, Miami, which has done so well with a new juice and wellness program, other hotels in the group are preparing to follow suit.

    "There's been a real buzz in the group about how so many different categories of guests have embraced the chance to detox with fresh juice," she says.

    Read More: http://www.cnn.com/2012/09/17/travel/juicing-hotels/index.html
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    Beside many juices, I love watermelon juice too.:)
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    If I like the food, I like the juice. If I don't like the food,
    at least the juice goes down fast. Wasn't that one of the
    original justifications for V-8?

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