Journalist looking for Canadians with weird/exciting/different earning or redeeming stories

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  1. Hey everyone

    A journalist for Metro has asked me if I could help her find some Canadians who are willing to be interviewed for an upcoming supplement on Loyalty Programs. She is looking for exciting/weird/strange/ stories of earning or redeeming miles/points. It does not have to be Aeroplan but chances are for most people it will be. If you are interested please send me a PM. She needs a few people to interview by the end of today. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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    Great idea ... just a comment - here on milepoint the PM is a Conversation :)
    Folks - please do let Patrick know if you can help out!
  3. Thanks ACMM, looking forward to some 'conversations' ;)
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    You mean we are to give away our secrets so they can be published and revealed to AC and the other airlines, and thus lost to us forever?

    The only tip I'll share is Triple Dipping wherein one books a flight, rental car or hotel to earn these base miles/points in say either AE or AIR MILES (or another program) and using a credit card that earns miles or points in the same or a different program. But for hotels and car rentals, this is done through either the AE or AIR MILES portal to earn further miles in those programs. So book a Holiday Inn through the AIR MILES portal and earn PC points for the stay, use an affinity credit card for additional miles in either AE or AIR MILES, and get 1 AIR MILE for every $20 spent on the stay (or 1 AE mile for every dollar if using the AE portal).

    A couple of other tips were published yesterday in the GLOBE and POST when each ran their quarterly supplements on travel and award programs.

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