Johnny Cakes- Providence, Rhode Island

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    On a trip around New England my wife and I figured we would go for breakfast to try a dish that originates from Rhode Island- Johnny Cakes.
    We visited the Liberty Elm Diner, which was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives. Guy Fieri visited the diner with his family and they seemed to really like the JCs.
    What is a Johnny cake?
    According to Johnny Cake- a cake or bread made of corn meal and water or milk, usually cooked on a griddle.
    From the Liberty Elm Diner menu: Traditional Rhode Island Johnny Cakes- $6.95: Kenyon’s Grist Mill (Usquepaugh RI) White Cornmeal Johnny Cakes. Served w/Butter & Real New England Maple Syrup

    My wife and I shared an order of Johnny Cakes. They were tasty and crispy with a nice texture. They were a lot heavier and more filling than pancakes. They were really only like pancakes in looks not taste. The syrup and butter added lots of flavor for a really tasty breakfast.

    I posted pictures and a bit more info at
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    You were about 5 miles from my house. The next time you come to town I'll show you real RI cuisine :D

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