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    This is possibly beyond the realm of our common interest, but depending on how you look at it could be useful especially in this economy.

    I have personal experience being helped tremendously by an Australian member who was gracious enough to hire me when I needed a job. It was a very cool experience for me and I hope a worthwhile undertaking for him. But as a lot of us have common interest in that we like to travel, it could be useful helping each other when opportunities present themselves.

    Of course, some may feel insecure about this idea. In fact in my last job I found my replacement by posting a job listing on Architizer, a Facebook for Architects as it calls itself. But I don't feel bad, ultimately a better qualified candidate that was willing to work for less ended up doing the work that was out of my league, giving me an opportunity to travel and seek more interesting opportunities.

    Creating a single post on this topic would probably just create a very long list of people posting brief resumes, while having a separate forum would generate a lot of spam from one-timers strictly looking for employment showing little interest for the rest of the community. Nevertheless, it would be easy to see who contributes to the site and can be a good candidate for a position that needs to be filled, for other members who have some influence on who to recommend/suggest for it.

    Just a thought...
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