Jim Tressel is so screwed

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    Any college football fans in the house? Just wanted to say that things are looking bad for ol' Sweater Vest. The recap, for those of you unfamiliar with the situation, is that 5 ohio state players, including starting QB terrelle pryor, were suspended for the first 5 games in 2011 because they exchanged memorabilia (signed and otherwise) for money and services (ie, large and expensive tattoos). This all went down in December-January. Now, it was just broken by Yahoo sports that Jim Tressel, ohio state's head coach, knew about these allegations in detail back in April 2010, but didn't say a word to anyone (see link below). This is a pretty big NCAA violation. ohio state quickly suspended him 2 games in 2011 and fined him $250k, but current speculation is that the NCAA is going to come down HARD on osu/tressel.


    My loyalty, based on my username, should be obvious. Still, tressel is (for now, anyway) one of the best coaches in the Big Ten, and it's never good to see a black mark on the conference like this. That having been said, though:


    Incidentally, Charles Robinson, one of the Yahoo sports reporters to break the tressel story, said on the radio today that he has 2 more big stories that will be breaking over the summer. Apparently, the tressel story is an 8/10, the first summer story is a 6-7, and the late summer story is a 10. Whoa.

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