JFK T2 Todd English Bonfire - Refused to show NYC inspection grade today

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles' started by NYBanker, Apr 22, 2013.

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    I had read an article in a local newspaper saying that a Todd English Bonfire restaurant at JFK got a C rating from the NYC restaurant inspection department.

    For those not familiar, essentially every restaurant in NYC posts a letter grade in their window (a b or c) - which must be conspicuously displayed in their window, or otherwise immediately evident to patrons.

    The address listed on the NYC website showing the c rating specified the airport (JFK), but didn't specify which terminal. I don't know if there are multiple restaurants under this brand at JFK or not.

    In any event, when going through T2 this morning, curious to see if it was in fact the C restaurant, I looked to see what the rating was for the Todd English location below the T2 Sky Club. It was not visible anywhere, so I asked the hostess. She said it was at the bar (but 5 feet away from us). I didn't see it, so I politely asked her where it was.

    She insisted it was at the bar. When I politely asked her to show me where it was, she then said, "the manager may have taken it down." I didn't push any further and thanked her for her time and moved on.

    You've got to have some pretty notable violations to get a C. Really pushing it not to have the grade posted.

    I any event, if you are traveling through JFK T2, beyond the worst-of-NY service, unless they actually post a health grade of b or better, I'd avoid this place.
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    There's a Todd English at JFK T7 as well.
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    Oh my. I don't even know what it takes to be a C. Lam Zhou Handmade Noodle in Chinatown somehow manages a B, and I don't think they're at all familiar with modern health standards (or refrigeration, but they ARE familiar with making amazing noodles and dumplings). A "C" grade?

    Then again, this is JFK, and everything is worse there.
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    A C is a serious violation and not displaying it can lead to a restaurant getting shut down. I hope the NYC Public health people make them pay for that.
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    Most places that don't get an A or B just dispute it, and post "rating pending" -- but to actually get a C and have to post it, you need 28 points.

    And that's A LOT of points. You could have chemicals improperly labeled, stored in a way that you could contaminate food, a restroom with no toilet paper and improperly cooking hot food above the required 140° and that would STILL only count for 12 points.

    The Blue Book has all the possible violations so you can kind of mix and match to see what exactly it would take to get 28 points, but seriously at that point you shouldn't even care and just avoid the restaurant at all costs. :)

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