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    This is what I got for doing a Google search for "Jetstar business class trip report":

    Only you can decide if that's "really awful".

    Plenty more where that came from. In my opinion, asking questions about modestly obscure airline topics on this board is unlikely to yield much; the only airline forums getting a lot of regular action are US ones.
  2. Okay so Qantas for Japan and Air New Zealand to America. I live in Queensland
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    Jetstar Business is basically a Premium Economy seat with slightly better food than Y and reasonable drinks all complimentary. I did SYD-HNL (A330) ret a few years back. For the price and ability to earn QF miles and SCs it was a good deal and not unpleasant at all (but knowing in advance that if wasn't a genuine J product). At the time, about a quarter of the price of QF to HNL on a 767 with a domestic J recliner seat also!

    If you're not chasing miles/SCs, the sale biz fares to Asia look really good value. The 'plus' deal to get miles/SCs and lounge access take them up to fully flex fares. Which is annoying that there isn't an I between 'restricted' Biz fare that gives QF miles...

    I've not been on the 787s yet. Same seat config. A pity they didn't do domething a little extra.
  4. might fly air new zealand 4202 dollars biz

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