Jetblue’s New Premium Transcon Product and Inflight Wi-Fi

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    Inflight Wi-Fi
    On our road to deliver the fastest in-flight wireless experience, the finish line is in sight! Today we’re pleased to share our latest milestone, the name of the best in-flight wireless service will be: Fly-Fi!
    Most fliers probably agree that in-flight Wi-Fi is a cool concept, but those who have tried it don’t love the options they have today. Our service promises to up the experience to satisfy the increasing appetite for connectivity across multiple devices. Fly-Fi will be smarter, newer, faster and better than anything on the market today for commercial aviation. The up-side is, you’ll soon be able to experience Wi-Fi connections that do more than just frustrate you, the down-side is that because it’s a completely new way to deliver connectivity, there’s still a lot of testing to be done before the FAA, signs off, and our customers start seeing it on their JetBlue flights.

    Premium Transcon Product

    We announced this morning our intent to introduce a premium transcon product. Just as we started JetBlue with the mission to “bring humanity back to air travel,” we’ll continue to deliver the best core product and service in the skies with the things you’ve come to know and love like: the full can of soda, free TV and radio at every seat, the most legroom in coach, first checked bag free, and excellence in customer service.
    We’ll plan on introducing a premium experience that offers a better product at a lower price in the highly competitive transcontinental market. We’re approaching our plans around a premium transcon product with a target launch date in 2014. Stay tuned for more plans to be unveiled later this year!

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    I can't wait to hear more details of the "premium transcon product"!

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