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    We Are the Jet Set

    By Christine Ajudua

    Group tours via private planes are really taking off.

    The rich really are different! This article describes at various world tours via privately chartered airplane. It includes:

    - Africa from above. Abercrombie & Kent's African itinerary. February 20-March 10, 2015. From $82,995 pp.

    - Hotel-hop around the world. A Fours Seasons-sponsored around-the-world tour, with 9 stops and Four Seasons stays. March 16-April 8, 2015. From $119,000 pp.

    - Golf the globe. A Kalos-sponsored around-the-world golf journey includes 5 continents in 23 days. October 8-31, 2015. From $73,950 pp.

    - Trace human history. A National Geographic Expeditions-sponsored trip to study some of the world's oldest centers of civilization, from Uzbekistan to Israel. May 12-June 4, 2016. From $67,950 pp.

    - Across Asia via Aman. A private jet tour sponsored by Remote Lands to China, Bhutan, India and Sri Lanka. October 4-21, 2014. From $49,950 pp.

    To read the article, go to:
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    Expensive !
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    "If It's Tuesday This Must Be"......oh wait, wrong movie. If I were paying that much moolah for any of our trips (not possible for us anyway), I'd prefer not to be awakened at 5 AM for a fast breakfast before boarding the bus to the airport, and we'd prefer to go it on our own anyway, and pick out destinations and sights of our own choice and times, rather then go with a set list of destinations and times.

    HOWEVER!!! The first class flights and accomodations wouldn't be too hard to take by any means.
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    I'd prefer to make my own choices, which would probably not mean staying in a Four Seasons hotel at every stop.
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