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  1. Recently tried to book a ticket by redeeming miles. They cancelled the flight and sent me an email about it never bothering to give other options available. Finally it was done on jetlite but I was not told that I had to go the airport to get the ticket issued. On the day of the flight, I found out. At the counter, they did not give the meal coupons. The call centre number says hold time approx 7 minuts and it takes 18 minutes to get through... get the idea.... change your airline and fly someone else....
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    Every airline has a bad day and unfortunately, you got caught in it. My experience with Jet has been excellent for the last couple of years I have been flying them.
  3. I have been most satisfied with Jet Airways for the last 13 flights I made.
  4. Well to admit the true facts,the airlines in india are very good to you as long as their flights are going on schedule without any cancellations,and they boast about their OTP and excellent services in the best possible ways,but the minute there is some disruptions or cancellations,everything goes haywire,and nobody has a clue as to what is required to be done with the pax who are were booked on their flights,its not only jet,butt all the airlines are pretty much the same.
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    i hope you wrote to the guest relations team to highlight this issue.

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