Jersey Shore forbidden to enter the Uffizi, Palazzo Vecchio

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  1. Jersey Shore has arrived in Florence. They are living right in the city center, near one of the most expensive streets in Florence. And I am sure they are going to ruin (even further) the American impression in Florence. I have mixed feelings on these so-called reality stars arriving in a city that shouldn’t have allowed them to enter. One, the show is basically about binge drinking, having promiscuous sex with random people and doing absolutely nothing productive. It is rumored that this crew of drinking buffoons might be working in a locale here in Florence. In my opinion, I doubt any place would allow these people into their establishment. As the reality show has talked with just about every major cultural establishment in Florence, the most news worthy information was that they are not to be allowed in the Uffizi Gallery or the Palazzo Vecchio.
    MTV crew met with the directors of each historical monument and the decision was easy to come by. These idiots, who give a bad name to all Italian-Americans and simply Americans who live here, are not welcome. MTV was said to have been willing to pay anything to let them film inside the Uffizi and Palazzo Vecchio. They have been denied access in the end. No amount of money will be accepted for me to witness Snooki comment on the David by Michelangelo.
    It is said they will be residing in Florence for 45 days total. I believe that is all that they are allowed.
    Jersey Shore in Florence, Italy, I still can't believe it.
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    Thank god! Although the American rep may be damaged further at least no priceless works of art will be.

    I hope everyone just ignores them while they're there. Unfortunately Florence is a big "study abroad" town, especially in the summer. I imagine there will be a lot of American University students looking for the opportunity to be on camera... :confused:
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