Jeff; UA Insider: Collateral for new married-seg award policy

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    Flying EU-EWR-XXX-YYY during winter vac season. 2 pax, award tickets booked at Saver level on UA metal. Saver bucket not open for EWR-YYY at first, so the award ticketed with EWR-XXX-YYY. OK, we live with this suboptimal routing.

    Saver is unavailable, so there's high value/likelihood of sale of revenue EWR-YYY sector.

    We understand the rules and appreciate the fact that the award is available at all. It's not DL SM. So far so good.

    But then..... saver availability opens up on EWR-YYY, within a few hours. This development is not like DL SM and more like UA MP we knew and loved. Perfect! Let's reticket and:

    a. Save ourselves the extra connection.
    b. Save Jeff inventory on two other flights (neither of which are available in Saver at this time and thus, in the judgment of RevMgmnt@UA.COM, must be worth something.
    c. Save a few mins.

    Most importantly,

    d. Save ourselves - and Jeff - the not-zero possibility of winter misconnects at EWR or XXX and reduce the chances of having to provide IRROP service, bump others etc. etc.

    Just plain good biz sense.

    So I attempt the award change online at UA.COM. It clicks through and assesses me 0 miles and $0.0x of tax for the change; great, that's what I'd expect. I click "Purchase". Won't ticket, errors out: CALL 1-800-JEFFSBAD.

    OK, call in. Agent is helpful, but advises me, "Married segment logic won't allow reticketing even though this connection is legal and available in Saver." She tells me to wait, seeks an exemption from supe. This works and she returns and efficiently retickets, with the admonition "We can't do this again."

    I told her, thanks, I appreciate the help and this policy is ridiculous... so I left a voice mail for Jeff, Shannon or Aaron, whomever listens to these tapes, making the points above. She laughed. Anyone would. It's common sense.

    Jeff, really, you want to crack down on what your cohort Jeff Robbo over at DL, terms gamers, yes, yes, we know, but can't you see that this kind of policy defeats not only customers, but also your own organization? Why not allow your MP members to reticket in this way when IT REDUCES YOUR EXPOSURE AND DIRECT COSTS and YOU'VE ALREADY DECIDED THOSE SECTORS ARE AVAILABLE IN SAVER ANYWAY?

    I am afraid that this time, your new policy must be characterized as:

    [​IMG]mejor en su clase[​IMG]
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    Requires common sense, I haven't seen much / any lately.

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