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    I use my iTunes account mostly for comics, yes I read comics. I currently do not have a x5 card but do have Chase SP so I have access to UR. Looking for the best way to double dip at least for music. Has anyone had success with buying a GC then using GC on iTunes? (I know this may mean getting GC through one portal, loading, then buying through the iTunes portal.) Has anyone had any luck with going through UR to iTunes and NOT having to go through UR each time?
    As far as my comics go, I buy them with iTunes through the comics app so not sure how I could double dip that, but i could at least be buying GCs to prepay for my comics.

    Thanks for any input!
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    This doesn't directly answer your question, so I apologize in advance. But you could apply for the Amex Gold card, and purchase your itunes gc at the grocery store for 2x points. There have been on and off sign on bonuses of 50k with variable spends. The latest one being 1k spend. Not sure if the offer is still around, but it has been well discussed on the other board. Let me know if you would like the link, or just wait until it comes around again.
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    Agree with the above. I see iTunes cards at supermarkets, drug stores, office supply stores, and others. I would suggest figuring out how to get category bonuses for places whre they're sold in person.
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    Well... I've certainly stocked up my iTunes Gift Card balance with iTunes gift cards purchased in person at Staples or Office Depot with Ink Bold (5X UR), or at Safeway or CVS with Hilton Surpass (6X HH for the moment). I've also purchased stuff through a portal, I think it was Southwest, in order to earn some miles for a $0.99 song.

    Certainly going through a portal for every purchase from iTunes can be a pain. And buying iTunes gift cards avoids that problem as long as you have a balance. You just buy from iTunes however you want, even on your mobile device, and you're good.

    As you say the problem is that you have to figure out how to double dip somehow in the process of buying the iTunes gift card. If you don't have Ink. And don't have Surpass. Or some other card that offers you extra points for purchases in SOME category where they stock iTunes gift cards--they are pretty much everywhere.

    Can't find any "experiments" involving purchasing of iTunes GCs through a portal with other Gift Cards where both earned you a multiplier of some sort though. Certainly there are periodically deals for $X off iTunes GCs at Best Buy and others but they're not on all the time.
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    I would think the cheapest way to get iTunes GCs is to look on the resale sites (not too many GC exchanges carry them, but some do) or wait for the occasional deals where they do $25/50 iTunes cards for $20/40, etc. As someone who ended up with $200 of iTunes cards that they couldn't use, I can say that it's definitely a buyers market. I'd imagine if you're careful you could probably find some deals on craigslist too. Just remember to suggest a different meeting place if they ask to meet you in an alley at 1 in the morning. ;)

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