It's Official: Expedia and Orbitz are merging

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    "Expedia has won approval from antitrust officials to acquire rival Orbitz Thursday, a $1.3 billion deal that some consumer advocates and hotel associations feared would lead to higher prices for consumers and make it harder for small hotels and bed-and-breakfasts to survive.

    The Justice Department however said its six-month investigation had found no evidence that the merger would lessen options for consumers. It noted that Orbitz is a relatively small source of bookings for airlines, car rental companies and hotels.

    "We concluded that Expedia’s acquisition of Orbitz is not likely to substantially lessen competition or harm U.S. consumers," Bill Baer, head of the Justice Department's Antitrust Division, said in a statement.

    "Many independent hotel operators, for example, do not contract with Orbitz, and those hotels that do often obtain very few bookings from its site," he said. "In addition, beyond Expedia and Orbitz, travel service providers have alternative ways to attract customers and obtain bookings, including Expedia’s largest online travel agent rival, Priceline.

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    What a sad day ! But, given that Orbitz was spawned as a collective US carriers ITAsoftware driven OTA, which itself had to face scrutiny during W's era; and Expedia had to be spun off by Micro$$$t; it is not surprising that these progenies would eventually marry :D
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    And Microsoft bought the code from American Express.

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