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    It's A-Day at my house. Time for Mr. U&A as well as myself to go on the mile/point hunt. I haven't had any trouble deciding on cards up until now, but I'm stumped. Here's what I have so far:

    Sept 11 - Chase Hyatt Visa
    Jan 12 - Chase Sapphire Preferred
    May 12 - Citi Hilton Hhonors Visa Signature x 2, AmEx Hilton Hhonors, US Airways Preferred World MC

    Mr. U&A:
    Nov 11 - Chase SW Visa (personal + business)
    May 12 - SPG AmEx, US Airways Premier World MC, British Airways Visa

    Up to this point I've pretty much been a points grabber, but now have some actual goals in mind. I have a trip planned for New Years to Colorado, but no hotel booked yet. Found a DoubleTree that would work for us, but would need more HHonors points. Can I apply for the Citi cards x 2 again? We have also decided to do a trip to Scotland next Aug, so I need to think about flights and hotels for that. Looking at 10 days for 4 people. I have a decent amount of Club Carlson points and AA miles besides what's mentioned above. Both of us do have a couple of AA cards each that we applied for before I started keeping records.

    Trip planning gets complicated when you're taking along 2 people that can't apply for credit cards yet! Freeloading kids!! ;)

    Suggestions on which triggers to pull right now? Thanks!
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    You should be able to get the Citi Hilton cards again - so you could get either 2 Hilton Reserves, 2 Hilton 50K cards, or 1 Reserve and 1 50K card if you apply for them at the same time or 1 after the other.

    However, if you have a high credit line on your other Citi personal cards and are bumping against the maximum credit which CIti will allow, you may not get instantly approved.

    If your last Citi AA personal card application was 18+ months ago, you should be able to get the sign-on bonus again. However, you can only get 2 personal Citi cards within 65 days, so you'd have to pick between 2 Citi AA cards or 2 Citi Hilton cards.

    You'd need 60K in coach or 100K in business, on both United or American Airlines, to get to Scotland and back per person. They both allow 1-way awards, so you can fly to Scotland using, say, AA miles and back using United miles.

    The Chase United card has a 65K offer, which is really 55K miles after spending $1,000 which should get you most of the way there and back in coach!

    You can supplement your United miles by transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards points (from the Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold, Ink Plus etc.) to United as well.

    Good luck!
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    What Daraius said, plus it might be worth considering the Bank of Hawaii and BofA Hawaiian Airlines 35k mile cards for one or both of you. Both cards net out to 140k Hilton points (from the 1:2 xfer ratio), and from 2 lesser used lenders. I also am going after Hilton points, and I'm going to do one Citi Hilton card in my early December churn, and then the 2 Hawaiian Air cards in my March 13 one, which should net a pretty nice 190k haul in 6 months.
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    Learning which cards can be churned...thanks for the heads up!
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