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  1. Living in Italy for over 9 years, the first thing I noticed when I shopped around is that Italians always have cash. I never would see an Italian pay with a credit card or debit card. Also the notorious, “hai un euro?” when I would pay with a 50 at the supermarket. Now I am used to paying in cash. Only using my debit card every so often when I am at the supermarket and want to keep the cash in my pocket.
    Starting in 2011, the Italian Banking Association is going to try and change more businesses to start accepting more credit cards and less cash. How wonderful this sounds for tourists, Italians are not too comfortable with this. There are still many citizens that get paid in cash from their employers. I am one of them. Instead of writing a check these companies avoid high business taxes.
    The Ministry Finance is hopeful this will come to be supporting the Italian Banking Association in a new cashless economy. This will hopefully cut down on 100 billion Euros that Italy loses every year to the underground economy. As I said before, tourist will be ecstatic to know this but Italians are comfortable with carrying around a large amount of cash. Italians use a credit card for only 26 purchases a year. Italian are also the biggest savers with the least amount of debt compared to other EU residents.
    Cash or credit? Which do you prefer?​
    Cash or Credit Photo Credit Casa per l'Europa
    Information from Italy Magazine

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    Always plastic!!!
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    Good news. Often stores tell me they don't take credit, then I spot the credit card terminal and point it out. "Oh, it's broken, we're waiting for the technician". I then point out that their phone line isn't plugged into the terminal. Sometimes they plug it in and the transaction processes easily, but they aren't happy about it.

    It seems those terminals are "broken" a lot in Italy, yet that never happens in the US. :)

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