It’s wrongheaded to assume that a Facebook strategy connotes a social loyalty program

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  1. Today Jim Bannister wrote in his blog, certainly Facebook is the largest planet in the solar system of social media. But the social media solar system remains “customer-centric,” and will always be so. And those customers today spend on average around seven hours per month on Facebook. Significant, for sure, but still a little less than 1.5% of a that customer’s waking hours in a given month.

    It’s wrongheaded to assume “Facebook = Social Media,” as much as they’d have you believe it. Or that a Facebook strategy connotes a social loyalty program in and of itself. And Facebook most-decidedly does not equal mobile media, the fastest growing consumer medium. By itself, the “sharecropper”[​IMG] approach to building social loyalty with your customer base is not sound marketing practice. Your social and mobile marketing programs should be rendered in the context of, and be coordinated across all significant customer touchpoints. Or at least decided upon from the perspective of the entire landscape.

    In fact, your social media strategy should look more like a loyalty program than a media-buying or branded entertainment or standard marketing practice. If you are not treating social and mobile media as a direct-extension and inextricable companion to the physical presence of your customer or potential customer, you’re in danger. Even Facebook’s Zuck says: “…when you combine mobile and social, industries can get disrupted.” I think he means you, Mr. and Ms. Commerce Company.

    I’m sure Zuck was displaying his mile-wide altruistic streak when he went on to say about their new Facebook Deals service, “Whether the ‘deals’ platform turns into something more commercial, or we choose to monetize something else — though we have no plans of doing that any time soon — that works for us too.” This “come on in, the water’s fine!” approach is very tantalizing when hundreds of millions of customer frequent his service. I can assure you there already is relationship intermediation in active progress, and there will be revenue intermediation there sooner than later. It’ll take the form of a Facebook-flavor loyalty program. That is, Facebook will have the primary relationship with customer, not you. The pieces are already there.

    LoyaltyMatch's Social Loyalty loyalty program SaaS solution incorporates Facebook and other social media with a business's loyalty program so the primary relationship with the customer is with you, and not Facebook. Allowing businesses to keep the data(and customers), not Facebook.

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