It’s been a year since our corrupted Congress held pantomime hearings & air travel is much worse

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    May 1st will mark the anniversary of the Congressional fiasco of airline hearings which were 100% sophomoric theatricality. If you wanted to show how lobbyists own both parties you’d be hard pressed to find a better example. The airlines came and lied worrylessly-Lies yiu could laugh at later @ at a Capitol Hill steakhouse. Congress-all 535 members-has done absolutely nothing and it shows as air travel is worse than ever. In what looks totally corrupt, Congress passed a bill mandating families be seated together, but US DOT-chock full of airline lobbyists and Fixers-has refused to implement the law-strongly suggesting the whole passage was a scam-Congress members could claim to be advocates even as they knew the so called reform would be stillborn.

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