Issues with posting Meetups

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    1) This is a current issue, seems to be a bug.

    When entering info about the meetup, I come to the calender portion. In the past when I've clicked on the open date/time box, a calendar would drop down. This hasn't happened the past few meetups I've posted so I have to click the "Today" as a fill in (in order to post), then go back & edit to proper date/time of meetup. What happened to the drop down date/time?

    2) This is a 'want to see'

    I despise having to plug in an exact date/time, location for a meetup. It makes it difficult to have a meetup thread that is simply for the purpose of gathering interest.

    For instance, I would like to post "Milepoint Meetup Milwaukee - anyone interested in dinner &/or drinks?"

    but I can't as the software requires an exact date/time, venue, etc etc. Any way around this?
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