Israeli Stewardess Surprises Deaf Passengers By Serving them in Sign Language

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    Flight attendant Larisa Speyer started learning sign language in her down time in recent months, after visiting the Nalagaat Center in Jaffa with her El Al coworkers.

    "What I saw that day was the difficult circumstances of being deaf at a café and blind at a restaurant, and since then I have decided to learn sign language," she said. "I decided to learn sign language because we occasionally have deaf people onboard our flights and I need to be able to serve them."

    Larisa is currently studying sign language with her teacher Sami Siroha from "Kol-Hasimanim," who told her that a deaf athletic team was set to fly to a sports competition in Taiwan with El Al in the beginning of July.

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    A great story, but a detail cannot be true, i.e., there was no way that anyone visited the cockpit of an El Al flight during the flight, including the crew that wasn't already locked inside prior to departure.
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