Is your credit card safe in the sky?

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    JEAN Shanley bought a Bloody Mary on board her SouthWest Airlines flight from Louisville to Los Vegas. It cost her $5.

    The flight, like many operated through America, was a “cashless environment” where travellers can only buy items on board using their credit cards. So Ms Shanley gave the flight attendant her American Express card.

    When she returned home, Ms Shanley found $1300 in fraudulent charges on the card. And she’s blaming SouthWest airlines.

    Ms Shanley claims the flight attendant took the card for more than 15 minutes and timing of the charges was directly after her flight.

    "I think it's strange that the charges showed up two days after that flight, and I have never had a problem before," she told the Tribune.

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    No safer or worse than charging at a restaurant or anywhere that your card can leave your sight.

    Assuming this person has a reputable credit card, of course, they will have no liability for these charges and the card issuer will wipe them all off.

    To the "victim" cardholders, credit card fraud is a minor inconvenience at worst. The party that ends up holding the bag are the merchants in these situations.
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