Is this the world's most awesome taxi?

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    Korean "garden taxi" has massage seats, karaoke machine, running fountain and big plans to take over Seoul

    It was a dark and stormy night.
    I'd been working late. Thankfully, a taxi was waiting in front of our building.
    Climbing in, I gave the driver my address and closed my eyes.
    “Would you like a massage?” said the driver from the front seat.
    Crap. It was finally happening to me. To me!
    I'd survived four years in Manhattan without a mugging, but Seoul was going to get me.
    I stealthily reached for the door.
    “I said, would you like a massage?” he said again.
    Before I could cannonball out of the moving car, something amazing happened.
    The back of my seat began to poke lightly at my shoulders. Then it began massaging my lower back. Then up and down my spine.
    It felt good. Absurdly good. What the hell was this?
    I looked around the cab, which from the outside had looked like any other Seoul taxi.

    No ordinary cab

    The ceiling was wallpapered with a gaudy but cute flower scheme. There were little bunches of Christmas lights under the driver’s seat and I could hear hear a steady trickle of running water.
    I looked down. The pleasant gurgling was coming from a mini-fountain next to my feet. The fountain had a turning water wheel and … live goldfish?

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