Is this the new normal? Expensive Y fares and discounted F fares?

Discussion in 'US Airways | Dividend Miles' started by JetsettingEric, May 22, 2012.

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    I just booked a transcon flight back from a leisure destination connecting in PHX.

    What really shocked me was how closely priced first class was relative to coach. This is a sunday afternoon flight back to the east coast and fares are high (Just under $300 one way). First was under $450 one way. Extra PQM, guaranteed first class. seems like a reasonable deal.

    I'd much rather have my $100 transcon and an upgrade like the old days.. but this might be why upgrades are getting tougher.
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    You can save more than the differential just on your on-board bar tab. ;)

    Indeed, for those who prefer to fly in front, it makes sense to simply buy up when the difference in price is so small, and the flight is ~2,000 miles!

    All of this begs the question, is $300 "expensive" for a one way transcon? Back out $50 or so I'm true government taxes/airport fees, that leaves $250 to the carrier. That is for 2,000 miles of transportation at just less than the speed of sound. It would be interesting to price bus or rail fare for the same journey. Assuming your car got 300 miles to a tank, and it cost $50 to fill up, this airfare is less than the cost of fuel for you to drive yourself. (not including wear and tear on the car, meals and lodging when driving, etc)
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    It is not even unusual for the discounted/xUP F Fares to cost less than the more expensive Y Fares:

    [KVS Availability Tool 7.0.0/Diamond - Sabre: Fares/DotRes/US]
    NYC  New York Metro NY US = JFK LGA
    FLL  Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Intl FL US [KFLL]
    R/T  01 Jun 2012 | 15 Jun 2012 | All
    Carrier    From    To    Fare      Cur                      Fare Basis/TD
    ---------  ------  ----  --------  ----  --------  ---  --  -------------
    US         NYC     FLL       198   USD                      RXAVNF6P
    US         NYC     FLL       218   USD                      RXAUNF6P
    US         NYC     FLL       224   USD                      EXAVSF6Y
    US         NYC     FLL       256   USD                      EXA7NF6P
    US         NYC     FLL       276   USD                      EXAUSF6Y
    US         NYC     FLL       298   USD                      UXA0NF6P
    US         NYC     FLL       298   USD                      UXA0SF6Y
    US         NYC     FLL       298   USD                      UXA0CF6
    US         NYC     FLL       348   USD                      KXA0NF4P
    US         NYC     FLL       408   USD                      GXA0NF4P
    US         NYC     FLL       496   USD                      SXA0NF4
    US         NYC     FLL       562   USD                      LXA0NF2
    US         NYC     FLL       666   USD                      WXA0NF2
    US         NYC     FLL       838   USD                      VXA0NF2
    US         NYC     FLL       938   USD                      VXA0RF2
    US         NYC     FLL      1066   USD                      NXA0RF2
    US         NYC     FLL      1126   USD                      AA0UPRQ
    US         NYC     FLL      1466   USD                      H6
    US         NYC     FLL      1566   USD                      AA0UPRM
    US         NYC     FLL      1598   USD                      B6DM
    US         NYC     FLL      1600   USD                      YUP6
    US         NYC     FLL      1600   USD                      Y6
    US         NYC     FLL      2026   USD                      F6
    US         NYC     FLL      2694   USD                      Y
    US         NYC     FLL      3916   USD                      F
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    My agent booked me Y to MCO conference and said it was cheaper to fly home in F on the Saturday. I thought it was weird but she said she has seen this lately, I just thought it was the Disney factor

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