Is this Mileage Calculation Correct?

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    Flying from BKK (Bangkok) to LAX (Los Angeles) in September in Economy. Trying to figure out if paying extra approx. $238 is worth in Mileage earned flying with American (operated by 4 Star Japan Airlines $748) vs 3 Star Philipines Airline ($509). Flying American I think I will earn 9818 Miles. Is this correct? Which flight would you take?

    From BKK>LAX Flight 8324 Miles (?)
    AAdvantage Credit Card 1494 Miles (Double $ Spent)

    Philipines airlines not part of any Global Alliance program and probably will not be flying them again.


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    Well, flying with AA is almost 1/2 more the price, but you gotta ask yourself: Have you already used the miles advantage?
    First thing I guess you should call the AA, because sometimes we don't receive all the miles, because it's based on the price.
    On the other hand, you'll be paying $509 for the flight and 238 just for mileage, it's a lot.
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    If you're going to fly on the JAL flight make sure you buy the ticket with an AA flight number. If you buy the JAL flight number you'll only earn 30% credit for the flights. Buying the AA flight number will net you 100% credit.

    Also consider the in-flight comfort factor. Not sure the specific date you're flying but RouteHappy says that Asiana is often a much better travel experience for similar prices on at least some of the days I looked. The "Happy & Cheap" button there is one of my favorites.
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