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    So I recently found out that US doesn't allow one way awards. That being said, I need a RT from ORD-PHX so can I use other miles AA/United to get there and then do a "RT" PHX-ORD and then just not get back on the "return" flight and stay home? I know I'd be "wasting" 12,500 US miles but personally, they have just been burning a hole in my pocket and if need be I can try to get another US card...So is that cool?
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    I don't really understand ... if United has availability, you can use your US Airways miles if it's at the saver level.

    Regardless ... yes, you can book a one-way trip with US Airways, although it'll be charged the roundtrip mileage. I did that for a partner award earlier this year and they were cool with it.
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    It should be the same as DL, where a one way award ticket can be done for the same number of miles as a RT, but you normally save some fuel surcharges and other fees as well as some tax amounts for the one way ticket. Another alternative is to book a low miles return far in the future and hope to later either use it or change it to something that you can use (even if a change fee must be paid).
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