Is the miles and points "game" like Dungeons and Dragons for adults?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by daninstl, Mar 29, 2013.

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    We don't have the dice or dungeon master guide books,etc. but it's almost like D&D for adults. You navigate the points and miles world so you can travel around and meet people, try to learn hacks or tricks, run into wizards or dungeon masters (bloggers) and compete to see who can do the best. In addition, as special deals or mileage runs come up you compete to see who can exploit or get in on the action. There is also a new language (STL to ORD to HKG to CDG to JFK to GCK or wherever). People also meet up so they can play in groups, etc.

    Maybe the credit cards are a substitute for the little 8 sided dice and figurines?

    I know maybe I'm just stupid but it struck me as funny. Besides it's better than calling a cult :)
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    I believe you may be right!
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