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Is the first row in first class first rate?

Discussion in 'SeatExpert' started by @SeatExpert, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Continental uses three different mainline aircraft types for the Houston-Las Vegas route – the Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900, and the Boeing 757-300. All three aircraft types have Domestic First Class seats, with about 38 inches of pitch and around 20.5 inches in width.
    Compared to a standard domestic coach seat with a typical pitch of around 31-32 inches, these First Class seats have about 6 inches more room. However, keep in mind that since the recline is slightly more in First Class, the window seat passenger will have a tough time getting to the aisle if either seat in front is in the reclined position.
    Most knowledgeable travelers will select the aisle seat in row one. Keep in mind though that row one does not have any underseat storage in front, and the overhead bin in this area is often reserved for emergency equipment. Board early and find space for your carry-ons if you are seated in row one. Also note that on the 1A and 1B side, there is usually a cutout in the bulkhead that provides a little more toe room. The 1E and 1F side does not have this. Passengers with large feet sometimes complain of restricted toe-room in the 1EF side.

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