Is Life on the Road a Dream Job?

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    Do you imagine business travel to be all room service and free frequent flier miles? If you think that's what your life will be like at a travel-heavy job, you may want to think again.
    Of 726 respondents in FINS' informal online question forum, Sign or Decline, 52% said they'd accept their dream job if it required travel 90% of the year.

    According to business travel consultant Chris McGinnis, that means slightly more than half of those readers need a reality check.
    "Frequent travel for work sounds fun and sexy and international," McGinnis said. "There are a handful of jobs that are like that, but the reality is that 90% of them aren't like that. Many people have no understanding of how grueling it can be."

    A travel-heavy job takes a toll, physically and emotionally, said McGinnis, who is the business travel expert who blogs for hotel chain Best Western, and spent the first few years of his career as a management consultant -- a profession notorious for rigorous travel schedules.

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    I must admit, everything when it involves great airlines, some superb hotels and the chance to seeing something new and even exotic is a dream job! Even when it is sometimes busy, it will always be fine with me to travel and enjoy!:)
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    The comments around this study and in the article are all based on the assumption that the 52% of people who accept their dream job which would require them to travel 90%+ don't really understand what is involved. It completely discounts the fact that 48% of people surveyed were hypothetically just offered their dream job but turned it down because of the high amount of travel.

    If it was common knowledge or there was a previous study that showed that a much smaller number of people are actually satisfied with the decision they made above, then the commentary would make some sense. However, I don't believe that it is common knowledge that most people regret taking their dream job because it required them to travel heavily.

    In hindsight, you can easily say that many of them are not happy with the impact on their social lives and their health. But you have to counter that with how happy they are with their career, their work and the opportunities that are available because of taking the dream job.

    Personally, I don't think the poll is too far off of what you would expect to see if you ran this survey several more times. In fact, I'm actually surprised that given the likely respondent to the survey (given that it's hosted on FINS which is a financial recruiting site tied to the Wall Street Journal) that this number wouldn't actually be higher for a population with a higher proportion of type A personalities. I mean, here are the top 4 most viewed jobs on the site:
    1. CEO - New Orleans, LA
    2. Bank Holding Company Compliance - Analyst - New York, NY
    3. COO - Providence, RI
    4. CFO - Seattle, WA
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    The results don't surprise me much. Most of my colleagues travel as i always have, every week somewhere, a mix of global and local travel, but tending to repetitious travel to one location for months at a time. It seems many of us on milepoint have similar patterns. truth be known I am not tired of it after doing it for 45 years. I still become restles if I am stuck in the same place more than a week or two.

    That life is not for everyone. I suspect more than half cannot stand it for long. Just think of consulting turnover and burnout for evidence. Those of us who like it can be found here, happily posting away in between flights.
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    Please... Swap places with me then. I won't have any trouble living on the Road. For me it's more than a dream job!!!

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