Is it possible to get a 2 for one BA award ticket issued in UK (for a US resident)

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    Hi all;

    I’m not sure if this is well known, but BA charges US issued tickets significantly more than UK issued tickets. The YQ for LAX-JNB issued for F in the UK is 145 pounds per segment, or 580 pounds. It is $1170 for tickets issued for F in the US. At current exchange rates, 580 pounds is $933 today using today’s rate (a hair under $1.61 per pound).

    Now to figure out how to get my two fer one award LAX-JNB issued in the UK (in pounds) and I’ll save almost $500. (Total taxes and fees for two F LAX-JNB with a layover on the way out in LHR is a hair under $3200).

    Any suggestions?

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